Issue 7 and Volume 20.

SYRACUSE, N. Y., WATER DEPARTMENT. According to the annual report of the water commissioners of Syracuse, N. Y., the ordinary recepts for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1896, were $199,505.33 against $160,491.32 for the year before. The expenditures were $219,526.10, or $20,000 more than the receipts. The receipts for the year included a cash balance of $34.031.65,and were,therefore,$233,556.45. The main item was water rents, $195,157.92. The expenditures left a cash balance of $14,011.08. The chief items were: Interest. $127,865; general expense, $30,625.42; construction. $21,292.55; material and supplies, $24,640.17. and maintenance and repairs, $9,452.61. In the same period there was expended $450,735.43, except a balance of $7,112,26. This included $202,377,04 for materials, and $130,878,36 for contractors for the Woodland reservoir, the balance being made up largely of miscellaneous expenses, legal and court charges, engineers and inspectors, and pay roll. The total expenditures in the water department from July 2, 1889,…

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