Issue 12 and Volume 20.

WATER AERATION AT SAN FRANCISCO San Francisco, Cal., has installed three water aerating plants, which are built on adjacent hills, where a good circulation of air is insured. These have given so much satisfaction that it is intended to have the whole supply aerated by next year. The description of one of these plants, that at the College Hill reservoir, will serve as the description of the others. Its capacity is 8,000,000 gallons daily. The water from the 30-inch supply pipe passes up the standpipe, which is 20 feet high, and is turned into the horizontal rectangular wooden flume, 22 inches deep and 4 feet wide. From this flume the water passes into another flume at right angles to the first, and directly over the dashboards. Along the sides of this last mentioned flume are bored about 600 3-4-inch holes. The water pouring through these holes strikes the first dashboard…

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