Issue 12 and Volume 20.

TO PURIFY FOUL WATER. Those who are troubled as to how they shall best purify foul water may profitably read what a French scientist says on the subject. The principle of his machine, which he has in- vented to be used on vast quantities of water for cities, is applicable also to the household supply. It consists in simply mixing a slight quantity of alum with the water to be purified, stirring it thoroughly, and then letting the water settle for a few hours. Sinking Creek. Most of the lake-when it exists-is on the farm of Mr. J. H. Blackford, a noted trotting-horse breeder. at first, but remaining free from them, if allowed to stand in open vessels for some time. What is the chemical nature of the changes the French writer does not explain; but the most extraordinary feature is the remarkable tendency of the water to remain fertile,…

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