Issue 12 and Volume 20.

A VERY ODD LAKE. Sinking Creek in the northwestern part of Nicholasville county, Ky., is a large lake, which forms only in the spring of the year, when thaws and rainfall produce an overabundance of water. The formation of a lake covering over 200 acres of land, and sometimes over 300, comes with the suddenness of a rise in the Mississippi river. The lake is formed in a hollow entirely surrounded by gradually inclined hills of blue grass fields and meadows. These hills are at first imperceptible to the eye on account of the gradual and even slope of the sur- rounding country. A closer examination of the country shows that for miles around it all gradually inclined to the place where the springtime lake forms, but the place itself is merely a slightly rolling tract of land, over which various fences, trees, and shrubberries are seen . As the…

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