Issue 12 and Volume 20.

COLUMBUS, CA., WATER DEPARTMENT The past has been a year of difficult and trouble generally, the result being an excessive fire-waste. In his valedictory address Mayor Slade says: “It is evidence that the people are convinced that the proper steps have not been pursued in the settlement of the water works question. The recent election and the issue discussed vindicate in a very signal manner my policy. A business, a just and equitable settlement, must be made—one by which a compact can be reached satisfactory and needful to the people, as well as just and teasonable to the company.” The expenses of the water department during the year 1895, were $8,027.60. of which 50 double fire hydrants at $80 each used up $4,000 and 50 at $75 each, $3,750. There are forty-eight miles of water pipe in use at Atlantic City, N. J.

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