Issue 15 and Volume 20.

MEDDLING AND MUDDLING ON THE PACIFIC COAST. FIRE departments on the Pacific slope are probably in a worse condition than any others throughout the country, for the reason that they are mostly controled by ward politicians. From San Francisco we are informed that “Boss” Buckley, a noted Fifth ward politician, is after the scalp of Chief Sullivan. Buckley is working hard to get control of the board of supervisors, and, when this is accomplished, he will ask for Chief Sullivan’s resignation. This is a deplorable state of affairs, and is fraught with the greatest danger to all large cities. There seems to be no way of downing the political boss or of preventing him from interfering with such an important branch of municipal government as that of the fire department. That a great part of this interference should be allowed or possible mnst be attributed to the lack of interest…

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