Issue 15 and Volume 20.

FIRE NEWS “The report in FIRE AND WATER of the convention was very etended and will be fully appreciated by the members of the Massachusetts State Firemen’s Association,and,as president of the association allow me to thank you for the same. Harry L. Marston, chief engineer, Brockton, Mass.” A fierce fire at Guyaquil, Ecuador, had destroyed fifteen squares of the town on October 7, and was still raging. Four banks.all the foreign consulates,all the hotels except one.many churches, all the principal business houses, the military barracks. and the arsenal have been destroyed. The magazines in the arsenal exploded, killing a number of persons. The Malencon, the principal business street is a heap of ruins; the custom house, all the chief stores, with everything in the newest and finest part of the city, have been destroyed, and over 30,000 people are homeless; many being without even necessary clothing. The fire department is…

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