Issue 15 and Volume 20.

RECENT PATENTS. Fire escape ladder.—Peter Ries, St. Mary’s, Pa.—It consists of a series of U-shaped sections, each composed of a single metallic rod bent to form the rungs, lower eyes adjacent thereto, the sides extending upwardly from said eyes and having their ends bent to form upper eyes, said sides being also bent to form projecting rests or stops, and reinforcingloops for said rests or stops. Hand fire-extinguisher.—J. Buchtel, Portland, Ore.— It consists of a fluid-holding vessel, having at the lower end a breakable compartment adapted to hold gas or gas-producing liquid under pressure, a tube having an air-tight connection in the top of the fluid-holding vessel, but movable therein, its lower end exrending down and normally held in contact with the gas-holding portion. Hose Nozzle —J. R. Freeman, Winchester, Mass.—It consists of a brace bar pivotally connected at one end to the base of the nozzle, a catch to…

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