Issue 15 and Volume 20.

SEWERAGE Crawfordsville, Ind., will have a $12,000 sewer system. The citizens of Elizabeth, N. J., have approved the plans of Engineer Collingwood for the proposed trunk sewer in the bed of the Elizabeth river. It is now in order for the city council to follow suit. The Tower Grove storm sewer at St. Louis,Mo.,is to relieve the Mill Creek sewer. The new sewer will not take any sewage, and will cost about $45,000. It will form only the beginning of a system of storm sewers. Dr. Thomas M. Drown, of South Bethlehem, Pa., and Samuel M. Gray, of Providence,Mass., have been engaged by the city council of Worcester, Mass., as consulting experts on the matter of sewage separation. The sewer bonds of Geneva, N. Y., have been told at par to I .eland Powell .V Co., of Boston. The creek sewer now in course of construction at Hackensack, N.J., will…

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