Issue 17 and Volume 20.

WELLS An artesian well has been bored on Court House Square, Beaumont, Tex. A flow of 60,000 gallons per day has been struck at a depth of 800 feet—10,000 gallons more than the contract called for. The water is slightly brackish, but will answer all the purposes of the court house. Cheyenne agency, at Pierre, S. Dak., has an artesian well capable of supplying adequate fire protection. Several hundred feet of mains are fed from it. At Norfolk, Va., a depth of 976 feet has been reached out of the 2,000, to which the new artesian well is to be bored. The work was first begun with a twelve-inch pipe; now a teninch pipe is being used,and it is proposed using an eight-inch one soon. A lot of what is supposed to be carbonized wood has been encountered by the machine. Wm. C. McQueen, of Ballston, N. Y., has been…

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