Issue 17 and Volume 20.

PUMPING ENGINES The Putnam, Conn., Water Company, contemplates installinganew 1,250,000-gallon Deane pumping engine, with a sixty horse power boiler. At Ashland, Me., the big power plant will have installed a Deane steam fire pump with a capacity of 1,000 gallons a minute. At Jacksonville. Fla., the first of the new pumping engines has not as yet been run to its fullest capacity. It will be tested along with the second pump, which is now almost ready for work. Each is expected to pump 5.000,000 gallons a day. An old pump, with a daily capacity of 2 500,000, will be kept in reserve. Four bids were sent in for the foundations of the engine and boiler houses, etc., on the new pumping station at New Bedford, Mass. ‘The pumping engine itself is to be built on the point of rocks projecting into the south shore of Little Quittacas. The intake into…

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