Issue 17 and Volume 20.

DISASTROUS FIRE IN MONTREAL, QUE. MONTREAL, QUE., has been visited with a terrible disaster. An early morning fire broke out in the premises of Gilmour Bros., & Co., chemical importers, of 31 St. Peter street, in the wholesale district of that city. Owing to the inflammable nature of the contents, the fire quickly spread throughout the whole building, and before the fire apparatus could arrive and the hose be laid, flames were bursting out of every window in the four stories. Explosion upon explosion followed,and all the water the firemen could throw upon the blazing chemicals seemed only to make the fire fiercer. For some time even the water tower could make no impression. Meanwhile the blaze spread to Goldstein’s cigar factory,Kearney Bros’., tea warehouse, and the establishment of the Johnstone Fluid Beef Company. The flames placed the firemen in great peril, in one case bursting out of a window…

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