Issue 17 and Volume 20.

BERLIN, GERMANY, FIRE DEPARTMENT. The fire loss and number of fires were greater in Berlin, Germany, in 1895 than in 1894. Fires in 1895 numbered in all 7,285 as compared with 5,903 in 1894. Of these the department received calls to only 1,560 and 1,328 respectively, the remainder being merely trifling outbreaks reported to the chief officer. The total fire loss last year was 2,784,330 marks and in 1894 1,782,716—the insured property at risk being valued at 473,754,904 marks and 362 171,063 marks respectively. While the foregoing figures refer to the calendar years, the bulk of those given in the chief officer’s report relate to the brigade year ended on March 31, last. In the latter period there were 7,284 fires, including ninety-two large (two or more lines of hose used ), 167 medium (one line of hose), 1,228 small (without hose), and sixty-six chimney fires attended by the brigade,…

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