Issue 18 and Volume 20.

A MODERN HOOK AND LADDER TRUCK. The illustration beiow is that of a Gleason and Bailey aerial hook and ladder truck. It is the result of long experimenting to produce an apparatus that will prove of the greatest service to fire departments under all conditions in which it may be placed. In such an apparatus, rigidity, easy method of handling, quickness in elevating and turning, and, as far as compatible with safety, lightness, are requisite. All of these qualifications are claimed for the Gleason and Bailey truck. It was recently furnished to the New York fire department and is now in commission in the Mercer street house, station No. 20. 1 his is the largest ladder in use in any department, and can be extended to eighty-nine feel. Its frame is steel of the finest tempered material; the wheels of the well-known Warner make, and its axles are of the…

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