Issue 18 and Volume 20.

PRINCIPAL FIRES OF THE WEEK. NOTE—The letter I,represents insurance, and L, Loss, Numerals thousands of dollars. BREWERY, Great Falls, Mont., Volks Bros., L, 30. I; 18. LUMBER,ETC., Zilwaukee, Mich., Central Lumber Co.,etc., L, 125. I, 14. BREWERY, Brattleboro, N. H., East Eagle; L 15. 1, 2. CHURCH, Burlington, Ia., 1st Meth. Episc.; L, 10. 1, 10. COAL TIPPLE, ETC., Brazil, Ind.; Eureka Coal Co.; L, 12. I, 12. RESIDENCES, ETC., Springfield, Ky.,Rev. M. Sanders,etc.; L, 10. I, 5. STEAMSHIP, N. Y. city,Worseley Hall. FACTORY, Brooklyn, N. Y., Ronald’s; L, 125. I, 125. PLANT, Eagleville, N. Y., Morrisville Electric. Lt. Co. ;L, 40, I. nil. HOTEL, Imlay City, Mich., Bancroft house, L. 12. I, 1. PLANT. Barron, Wis., Barron Stave Co.; L, 10, I, 4. WORKS, Bay City, Mich , Dry Dock Iron; L, 20. I, 16. VILLAGE. Milton, N. Y., business portion; L, 50. I, 10. MILL, Weston, Ore., Saling&…

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