Issue 19 and Volume 20.

PUMPING ENGINES The board of public works of Kansas City, Mo., has awarded the contract for furnishing the pump for the Turkey creek pumping station to the Barr Pumping Engine Company, of Phi adelphia. The engine will cost $34,800, and will be a triple expansion machine. The pumping station of the Spring Brook Water Supply Company at West Pittston for the use of Wilkes-Barre, Pa., has a Jeancsville pump and a non compound Gaskill horizontal pump supplied by the Holly Manufacturing Company. The statement of City Engineer Jackson, of Chicago, shows a reduction in the expense of operating the pumping stations for July, August, and September of $11,000. The expenses for the corresponding period last year were $128,000 and this, $117,000 while 749.762.637 gallons more were pumped this year. The bureau saved $51,000 the first six months of this year over last year, making a total reduction in expenses for…

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