Issue 19 and Volume 20.

A TOO PREVIOUS SPRINKLER. Houston & Henderson of Temple place and Washington st., Boston, claim indemnity from the fire insurance companies for damage done to their large dry and fancy goods store by sprinkler leakage. Early one morning water was noticed running out into the street from under a door in their establishment. The protective department, on forcing an entrance, found no fire but “too much of water,” a sprinkler head on the third floor having opened, whence a flood had descended to the lower floor, ruining a part, and seriously injuring much of the goods. The delinquent head was in a small room at the rear of the third floor—a room used to show customers the effect of artificial light upon evening dress goods. Here, in order to gain the intense light required, a double gas burner is used, which gives off considerable heat. Above these jets, six or…

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