Issue 20 and Volume 20.

PUMPING ENGINES The Jeanesville pumping engine at Wilkes-Barre has a low pressure cylinder forty inches in diameter and high pressure cylinder of twenty-four inches in diameter. The plunger, is twenty three inches in diameter and forty-eight-inch stroke. The engine pumps 344 gallons of water every revolution and it makes fourteen revolutions per minute; its daily capacity being 7.000,000 gallons.which can be considerable increased, if necessary. From the foundation to the top of the air-chamber the pump is seventeen and one-half feet high, ft is thirtytwo feet long and weighs forty five tons. It rests on a concrete foundation, there being five pillars, each sixteen feet deep and bolted to the foundation on the water end. 1 he engine pumps under too pounds pressure and also carries IOO pounds steam pressure. It is situated fourteen feet above the water and twenty-five feet below the surface. I he air pump and condenser…

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