Issue 20 and Volume 20.

FIRE NEWS The large four-story works of the Boston Bridge Company Sixth street,Cambridgeport,Mass.,have been totally destroyed by a fire, which caused a number of terrific explosions of the oil used for heating rivets, etc. These scattered flames to every portion of the building, and threatened to burn Alden Speare’s and the Standard oil works adjoining. The loss is placed at about $160,000, of which $35,000 is on the building and $125000 on the machinery. ‘I he insurance is about $125,000. An explosion of gas and resultant fire at Indianapolis, Ind., caused the total destruction of the retail dry goods establishment of Lawrie & Robson and the loss of $35,000, with no salvage. Insured for $30,500. The building was damaged $10,000; insured for $5,500; Charles Meyer & Bro., lost $6,000; fully insured; and the Chance Matthews Printing Company, $2,000; insured for $1,700’ The factory and storerooms of Shand, Mason & Co.,Upper…

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