Issue 20 and Volume 20.

FILTRATION.* THE subject of the filtration of water is rapidly assuming national importance and is undoubtedly destined to occupy more of public attention the more it is discussed, and its necessity made evident. As people become educated on the subject and as the country grows older, temporary makeshifts no longer answer. People are now paying attention to the quality as well as the quantity of water furnished them, and will not be satisfied with anything but the best that can possibly be procured for their money. There are some few favored locations where the water is naturally so pure as to require little, if any aid from art; but for the vast majority of locations the water supply,if originally pure,has become so contaminated from various causes,principally the growth of population and manufacturing,as to require artificial purification—and the problem now is,how most effectively and cheaply to do this. The methods adopted…

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