Issue 20 and Volume 20.

CORRESPONDENCE. LONDON’S SYSTEM OF FIRE ALARM. To the EDITOR:—Mr. Hosmer, superintendent of the Lowell fire brigade, must either have been very unobservant of the methods of fire alarm adopted in this city or else he must have misunderstood his informants. Everyone who has any acquaintance with the Metropolitan fire brigade knows that the fire alarm system in London is by no means confined to the telephone. In the more densely populated portions of the metropolis a regular system of street boxes has been in use for years—the latest returns to which I have access at this moment showing that in one year 2.171 out of 4,449 alarms were turned in from these boxes. At the same time the telephone system is also in vogue. A VOLUNTEER FIREMAN. Sydenham, S. E., October 18, 1896. The barn of Noakes & Hough burned, with all its contents, at Antioch, Cal., including horses. Loss…

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