Issue 20 and Volume 20.

FIRE ALARM AND POLICE TELEGRAPHS. Old Town, Ga, has contracted for a fire alarm system. Fulton, N. Y., has the poles, insulators, and arms up, and wires strung for its new fire alarm system. The tower will have a new striker. Passaic, N. J., will have a new fire alarm bell placed in the vicinity of the West End fire house. The fire alarm system at Cambridge, Mass., will be removed to the third story of the new fire house to be built in Inman square. Fire Commissioner Bryant has removed the unsightly fire alarm telegraph poles on Classon avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. Newark, N. J., needs at least twenty new fire alarm boxes of the Gamewcll type, which will not confuse two alarms sent in almost simultaneously, and which are protected against being burned out when the alarm wires are crossed by electric light wires. Some of the old…

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