Issue 21 and Volume 20.

WATER SUPPLY The water board of Baltimore, Md., has awarded the contract for cast iron water pipes, to be used on the extension of the city’s water service to the Annex, to the National Foundry and Pipe works, Scottdale. Pa., at its bid of $19.40 per ton of 2,240 pounds; and it is estimated that 212,000 linear feet of ten, sixteen, twenty, twenty-four, and thirty-inch pipe will be needed for the work, or about 26,000 tons. The contract amounts to $504,400. ‘The board, however, awarded the contract with the understanding that it should be required to take no more than was needed for the work. Its first order will be for 13.000 tons, which will carry with it an expenditure by the board of $252,200. The award was made to the lowest bidder. Other proposals were received, as follows: Camden Iron Works. Camden, N. J., $19.84 a ton; McNeal Pipe…

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