Issue 25 and Volume 20.

ATLANTA CITY, N. J., WATER DEPARTMENT The water commissioners of Atlantic City,N.J., have issued their first annual report, in which they call special attention to the results attending the introduction of the meter system. The appropriation of $25,000 for the purchase of meters has been practically exhausted; meters of various makes having been purchased in small lots as needed and placed as soon as received. They are beirg carefully tested, with a view to determining the make of meters best suited to the service of the city. The commissioners ask for the immediate expenditure of $i2,ooojfor meters, which, when installed, will practically place all customers on the meter rate. They also insist upon the necessity of a new twenty-inch cast iron force main from the Pleasantville pumping station to the city at an estimated cost of $94,500, and the purchase and installation of a 5,000,000 gallon high duty pumping engine…

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