Issue 6 and Volume 21.

WELLS The artesian well that was completed about one year ago at Newberry, N C., is yielding abundantly. Its water is remarkably pure and its medicinal qualities are successful in cases of rheumatism. Another at Chester, N. C., is equally a success. At Canton, Ohio, a test well, put down by the city water works department, has been round to be the source of a good water supply and others are to be drilled soon. Seventeen artesian wells drilled at Delair, N.J., for the water supply of Camden, N. J., are flowing a full stream. Wells t8 and 19 are nearly completed. At Bryan,Tex.,a depth of45o feet has been reached in boring a new well at the water works plant, and an air compressor for raising the water to the surface has been received. The heretofore limited supply of water for the city will, it is claimed, be inexhaustible when…

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