Issue 6 and Volume 21.

PUMPING ENGINES According to the report of the experts on the test recently made with the new Holly pumping engine at the Evanston water works, sixty one horse power was furnished for 1,000 pounds of steam snpplied, and 13,000,000 gallons was pumped at a pressure of sixty pounds to the square inch. The engine was able to supply the entire amount of city water at five revolutions per minute, while its nominal rate is twentyone revolutions per minute. According to contract the engine was to have a capacity of 12,000,000 gallons in twenty-four hours, and was to deliver fifty five horse power for every 1,000 pounds of steam supplied. The Henry Worthington Company of Brooklyn. N. Y., has received the contract for the six large pumping engines for the new Northwest water tunnel, at Chicago. They will cost $437,000. The new air pumps at Waxahachie, Tex., are a success.

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