Issue 6 and Volume 21.

FIRE NEWS A special to FIRE AND WATER from Norfolk, Va., reports Chief Ryan, who was recently shot by his assistant, Frank Woods, whom he had reported to the mayor for insubordination and drunkenness as convalescing and is now able to walk about on crutches in the hospital. Chief Dobson, of the fire department of Beaverton, Ont., writes that the department has one rotary fire pump, driven by water power from the Beaver river, which runs through the centre of the town. There is 30 h. p on the pump, whi :h can throw from a one and one-half inch nozzle twenty feet clear over the highest building within reach of the hose, which covers the business part of the town. The water wheel which drives the pump likewise runs the electric plant in the same building. It is never frozen up, but can always be started up in case…

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