Issue 13 and Volume 21.

RESERVOIR AT LUNENBURGH, N. S. At Lunenburgh, N. S., a 1,000,000-gallon reservoir was built last year by Thomas F. Connery, contractor, of Ludlow Centre, Mass. It is located about 200 feet above the post office at Lunenburgh and is constructed of earth, with a twofoot puddle core from a hard pan foundation to the top of the embankment. The bottom of the reservoir and one half the sides up are paved with stone (as will be seen in the cut accompanying this notice). In the centre of the reservoir are a sixteen-inch pipe and a well (clearly seen in the illustration). The water supply is pumped by a turbine water wheel from a lake one and ont-half mile distant,the head being 100 feet. The ground on which the reservoir is built commands what may be claimed as the finest sea view on the American continent. From it can be seen…

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