Issue 13 and Volume 21.

RECENT PATENTS. The following is a list of patents specially reported for FIRE AND WATER. Fire extinguisher—Fisher & McKercher, Des Moines, Ia.—Spraying nozzle—C. P. Gilmore. Chillicothe, Ohio.—Fire extinguisher—David White, New York. N. Y.— Fire escape ladder—Mason & Shearer, Lamb, Ill.—Fire extinguishing apparatus—H. L Lufkin, New York, N. Y.— Fire extinguisher—Parker & Coulson, Jersey City, N. J. Nozzle—D. B. Adams, Chicago. III.“Telegraph fire hose.— J. Buchtel, Portland, Oreg.—Fire extinguisher.—V. E. Campbell. Saratoga Springs, N. Y. — Fire escape & water tower.—M. W. Hennessey, Brooklyn, N. Y.—It is provided with a truck, a platform-frame pivoted on the truck, and a cross-bar adapted to support the free end of the said platformframe. the said cross-bar being held on arms pivoted to the truck frame, and means for connection of a hose and reel to the platform.—Fire escape.—J. H. Higgins, Ellsworth, Maine.

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