Issue 13 and Volume 21.

THE LONDON FIRE DEPARTMENT. Commander Wells, superintendent of the London Metropolitan fire brigade has issued his first report, in which he gives a table showing a comparison of the brigade since 1865; the fires being classified as “serious” and “slight,” without, however, his accurately defining what constitutes a serious fire. The total number is 29,121 (not including chimney or false alarms). Of these 2,210 were serious. The greatest number of serious fires took place in 1866, when there were 326—the next greatest number, 193, occurring in 1891; the smallest number, in 1888, when only 121 were so classified. Of slight fires the largest number happened in 1896, when there were 3,494, three more than in 1895; the smallest number, in 1866, when they amounted to 1,012 only. The highest totals of fires, both classes included, were those of 1895. 3,633, and of 1896, 3,616; the lowest, that of 1866, 1,338,…

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