Issue 13 and Volume 21.

WATER DEPARTMENT OF MADISON, WIS. SUPERINTENDENT John B. Heim, of the water department of Madison, Wis., reports that the years 1895-96 must be ranked alongside the prosperous years. The water takers have increased to 2.186 and 12,000 persons are being supplied. The meter system is gradually being completed—within 460 takers to complete the same— which can be accomplished during the ensuing year, and the result, as shown by the pumpage record, has proved the benefit of the meterage system. Notwithstanding the increase of water takers in 1896 ( 192 greater than in 1895) the pump age was over 20,000,000 gallons less, and twenty-nine and . one-half tons less of coal were used than in 1895. The average pumpage per day in 1895 was 982,593 gallons, or 493 gallons per day for each taker. In 1896 it was only 851,344 per day, or 392 gallons per day for each taker. The…

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