Issue 13 and Volume 21.

WATER SUPPLY OF TORONTO, ONT. [Specially written for FIRE AND WATER.] TORONTO, Canada, has laid out more than $4,000,000 on its water supply—a sum which does not include other large amounts which the citizens have paid, and for which there is nothing to show in the water works account. The city has five pumping engines of a daily capacity of 42,000,000 gallons as follows: One 4,000,000-gallon Worthington engine; one 8,000,000-gallon Worthington engine; one 10,000,000-gallon Inglis & Hunter engine; two 10,000,000gallon Blake engines. These supply a population of 222,000 persons with about too gallons of water per capita daily. Twenty years ago the consumption of water averaged 4,678,-333 gallons of water each day. In 1875 the city used 3,868.262 gallons of water, and in 1874 only 2,384.000 gallons; so that in two years there was a decrease of nearly 2.000,000 gallons in the consumption of water in the city. The population…

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