Issue 13 and Volume 21.

D. L. BARKER’S GRAVEL WELL. The Barker Artesian Well Company, of Providence, R. I., is well known to all water works men, not only for the extensive business it does, but also for the improvements it has made in the line of sinking wells. In an illusated brochure, it has just published on the subject of “Artesian and Driven Wells,” giving a brief history of water supply, modern well-sinking and its development, and of the local conditions in New England, an account is given of a notable improvement in tube wells patented by D. L. Barker, which many think will in a large degree revolutionize the driven well business. Experience has shown that the permanency of a tube well depends upon “the uncertain chance of encountering stratified gravel of such thickness and porosity that water will circulate freely enough through it to supply a pump continuously.” Very frequently in place…

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