Issue 14 and Volume 21.

ELECTRIC POWER HOUSE FIRE HAZARDS. It will be remembered that the fire which recently destroyed the power station of the Philadelphia Traction Company and crippled the service on so many lines supplied therefrom sprang from sparks escaping from the dynamos. An expert, writing on the subject says that it would lessen the electrical hazard of such plants at least one half if any exposed woodwork or other inflammable material be protected within the plane of rotation of the armatures of the dynamos. These are liable to flash at the commutator and throw sparks of hot metal at any time. This is especially true of railway dynamos, due to the sudden changes of load. Another expert, writing on the same subjects is of the opinion that the hazard in such buildings might be reduced. Me says: The use of woodwork in new stations should be discouraged; it isn’t needed. I cannot…

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