Issue 14 and Volume 21.

RECENT PATENTS. The following is a list of patents specially reported for FIRE AND WATER. Nozzle and sprayer—W.C. Oberwalder, New York, N.Y.— Fire extinguishing compound—J. Herb, West Superior, Wis. It consists in combining carbon tetrachlorid with the inflammable substances.—Spraying-nozzle—J. A. Watson, D. C.— Hose nozzle— F. W. Robertshaw, Pittsburgh, Pa.—Hose reel and support—C. S. Lord,Winooski,Vt.—It consists of a platform carrying an adjustable supporting means, the standard or supporting having an axle secured to its end. and a series of arms having at one end a skein holder and a rod upon which the hose is wound, said arms being adjustable.—Garden hose, holder.—Carl Nelson, Marinette. Wis. For the future firemen must be present on duty at the theatres and public halls throughout New Jersey when performances are going on.

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