Issue 14 and Volume 21.

SOME PACIFIC COAST FIRE NOTES. [Specially written for FIRE AND WATER.] San Francisco’s fire department has now the chance of being placed upon a thoroughly sound footing—if the supervisors do their duty and establish a permanent paid force, paying Chief Sullivan $1,000 a year instead of $3,000, 1,000 less than the chief of police.— Politics has caused the dismissal of Chief Winebreer of Spokane, Wash. His successor is A. H. Myers. —As the citizens of the Rossland, Kootenay, 15. C., refused to invest in additional fire apparatus, Chief Mac Lay resigned. He has been succeeded by A. McKinnon.—Chief McLellan, of Olympia, Wash., has resigned, as the city council reduced his salary 10 starvation rates. G. S. Alien, however, has undertaken the duties of the post for the same pittance.— Portland, Ore., in addition to $5,000 appropriated for the fire department since January 1, has set apart $84 950 for its…

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