Issue 14 and Volume 21.

WATER SUPPLY OF CUMBERLAND CITY, MD. Cumberland City, Md., intends having its water supply en larged and improved. It has, therefore, had the sources of that supply investigated so as to determine whether a new source shall be secured or the water from the existing one, the Potomac river, purified. The driven well source is rejected as impracticable as the water would be either too hard or else salt. The artesian well is in the same category, owing to the uncertainty accompanying it. As to surface water: Salvage river has a watershed which is sparsely settled, and, unless mining operations should be developed there, is never likely to be populous. It possesses several good sites for an impounding dam, whence the water would reach the city under such a head as to enable the pumping stations to be entirely dispensed with, at a saving of $4,500 a year. Hut the…

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