Issue 14 and Volume 21.

FIRE AND WATER. HARRISBURG, PA., is joined to its idols. It takes no heed from the warning afforded by the recent burning of the State Capitol and refuses to reorganize, remodel, or do away with its volunteer fire department and establish a full paid department in its stead. All that it will do for the protection of the city and the property of the State from fire is to buy 4,000 additional feet of new hose—“a ha’ porth of bread to an intolerable amount of sack!” POLITICAL pulls are not of much value in the eyes of the London police court magistrates, one of whom recently fined Sir William Vernon-Harcourt, $2.50 and costs for allowing his chimney to catch fire for want of cleaning. Sir William is a privy councillor, a member of Parliament, leader of the Liberal opposition in the House of Commons, a former minister of the crown,and…

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