Issue 14 and Volume 21.

THE EASTMAN NOZZLE SYSTEM. The committee on fire appliances of the New England Insurance Exchange, Goyle T. Forbush, chairman, recently held a test at West Newton, Mass., of the Eastman nozzle system, originated by Eastman & Co., of East Concord, N. H. The result was in every respect satisfactory. An ordinary two way hydrant having 115 pounds pressure was used for the trials, which are described as follows: The first test was made with the best one-inch nozzle pipe commonly used in fire departments, to get a standard for comparisons. Then the Eastman nozzle,both playing at the same time, the latter using one and three eight, one and one half, and one and five-eight-inch nozzles, easily delivering more than double the amount of water many feet greater distance. In all other tests the pire was discontinued, and the hydrant given over to the Eastman system. Both lines of hose were…

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