Issue 14 and Volume 21.

WATER DEPARTMENT OF PHILADELPHIA. CHIEF TRAUTWINE, of the water bureau of Philadelphia, has made his annual report for 1896. In it he refers to the failure of councils to make the appropriation of $2,835,150, of which $1,819,150 was requested for additional pumpage. In consequence of this policy he makes the following remarks: But little work other than the repairs of reservoirs, for which special appropriations were made, has been carried on. The service is, therefore.greatly crippled and unable to give satisfaction to our people, besides which the work is necessarily carried on expensively and with considerable risk of accident, involving serious shortages. The four pumping engines designed for the new Queen Lane pumping station are now all in running order, and the Queen Lane reservoir is evidently in a condition to hold with entire safety its full thirty feet depth of water, but, owing to the lack of the $88,000…

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