Issue 14 and Volume 21.

MISCELLANEOUS With reference to trussed ladders the Gleason and Bailey Manufacturing Company has the following to say: One hundred pounds taken from each long single ladder is what has been accomplished in long single ladders of the trussed principle. so that these ladders are not only of one-half the weight, but three times as strong as the old line of solid ladders. New York city has contracted with Gleason and Bailey Manufacturing Company for another lot of trussed ladders to replace the old style of solid ladders on hook and ladder trucks. Chief Joyner, Mr. J. C. Ryan,and a friend recently sat on one model trussed ladder, the ladder being laid horizontally across two chairs the combined weight of the three men was 600 pounds, and the ladder itself weighed only two and one-half pounds. Butler. Pa., has given an order for an up-to date Gleason & Bailey hose carriage.…

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