Issue 14 and Volume 21.

BOSTON’S SELF-PROPELLING ENGINE. The official test of the new Amoskeag steam propeller fire engine lately completed for the Boston fire department, so far as concerned its progress through the streets, was very severe both as to motive power and the manner of handling. The engine met all requirements. It was speeded up and down Beacon street at a good rate, then backed and moved around corners, etc. The machine was also easily moved in a circle almost in its own length. At one point on Clarendon street one of the rear wheels went fully six inches into soft mud;but the machine cleared itself with remarkable ease when the power was applied. The new engine is numbered thirty eight and will go out only 01 ” second ” alarms Owing to an accident to the engineer sent from the Manchester Locomotive Works to superintendent the test, the opacity test was postponed…

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