Issue 17 and Volume 21.

WATER SUPPLY West Gloucesser, Mass., will soon have its water piped to it from Gloucester. The contract with the present water company at Hoboken N. J., expires on November:, 1898. By that time there will be a new water supply. There will be provided a reservoir capacity of 50,000,000 gallons within five miles of the city limits, and the city will take a minimum supply of 4,000,000 gallons daily, with the option of purchase after ten, fifteen, or twenty years, on a one year’s notice. The Adams Water Company has been incorporated at BanMe., for the purpose of purchasing and operating the water works of Adams, N. Y. Capital, $25,000, of which nothing is paid in. The Rochester Water Company has been incorporated at Portland, Me..with a capital stock of Stoo.ooo, of which $300 has been paid in. James C. Fox, and Henry M. Verrill.both of Portland. Me., are respectively…

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