Issue 24 and Volume 21.

THE EVOLUTION OF FIRE APPARATUS. (Continued.) CHEMICAL engines are now as much recognized factors in fire extinguishment as steam fire engines. The idea of rendering building and other material incombustible by chemical treatment, dates at least as far back as the days of Mithridates, King of Pontus in Asia Minor, one of whose generals, Archelaus, during the war with the Romans in B. C. 89,caused the wooden towers used in the battle to be washed over with a solution of alum, thereby making them fireproof. The other idea of so using chemicals as to cause them to serve the purpose of fire extinguishment is of comparatively modern origin In 1734 Herr Fuches, a German physician, invented a ball containing certain ingredients, which on being thrown into a fire, burst with violence and ” instantly quenched the fire.” Thiity-seven years afterwards Zachary Greyl made use of a like process—his composition being…

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