Issue 24 and Volume 21.

THE FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT OF WATERWORKS. [Concluded.] MR. KUICHLING applies the foregoing principles to the case of an inland manufacturing city of 100,000 inhabitants, using on an average 8,000,000 gallons of water per day and having a gravity conduit with a capacity of 14,000,000 gallons during the twenty-four hours, costing $600,000; a distributing reservoir of 40,000,000gallon capacity, costing $150,000; an efficient distributing system of 150 miles of pipe ranging from four to twenty-four inches in diameter, costing $1,600,000; and costs of administration, land, damages, etc., during construction, of $650,000; thus making a total original cost of $3,000,000, all of which is a bonded debt bearing five per cent, interest. It will further be assumed that the cost of the perishable parts of the plant is $800,000; that the probable life of these parts is thirty years; and that this amount of the total debt is not only to be extinguished by…

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