Issue 26 and Volume 21.

THE WATER SUPPLY OF BROOKLYN. In the report of Peter Milne, city engineer of Brooklyn, to the commissioner of public works, the following occurs: The daily average consumption of water furnished by the Ridgewood system for the year 1896 was 80,961,149 gallons. The daily average consumption from the same source in the year 1865 was 75 735,022 gallons, thus showing a daily average increase of consumption of water in the year 1896 over that of 1895 of 5,226,127 gallons. It is reasonable to assume that the daily average increase of consumpticn of water for the year 1897 will be greater, in view of the fact that the additional facilities provided by placing the new forty- eight-inch cast iron main in the system of distribution tends to restore pressure and provide water in the southwest section of the city, which has heretofore been inadequately supplied. The subject of new sources of…

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