Issue 26 and Volume 21.

ZANESVILLE WATER WORKS. The water works of Zanesville, Ohio—a city of over 21,000 inhabitants, are the property of the city and were bought in 1842. The supply is by pumping from the Muskingum river to a steel standpipe and distributing reservoir. The standpipe, which is built on a hill above the reservoirs, is twenty five feet by too and has a capacity of 367,000 gallons. The capacity of the distributing reservoir is 4,500,000 gallons—of the other two reservoirs 2,500,000 gallons and 200,000 gallons respectively. There are three pumping engines, a Ilolly-Gaskill, horizontil, high duty, 2,000,000 gallons daily capacity, a Gordon. 2,000,000 gallons, and a Worthington, compound condensing, 3 000,000 gallons. There are sixty-four miles of mains, two to thirty-inch cast iron pipe—Addyston & Ohio Pipe Company; 5,440 taps made by the city for $1.50—the services, lead and iron, are paid for by the property owners. Meterage of water is optional.except…

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