Issue 26 and Volume 21.

VALUE OF METERS IN RESTRICTING WASTE. R. L. N. CASE, general superintendent of the water works of Detroit, Mich., recently appeared before the senate committee of the State legislature to oppose the passage of what is known as the “free water bill.” under which the assessment and collection of all water rates was to cease, and the entire expenditure of the department was to be paid from the general tax levy. Mr. Case said: Under the present laws the expenditures for construction and operation of the water department of the City of Detroit, with the exception of $75,000 annually received from the tax levy, are assessed upon the properties in the city on the basis of the consumption of water. Under this new bill the said expenditures arc assessed upon the properties upon the basis of their valuations. Mr. Case, pointed out (1) that the proposed law did awar with…

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