Issue 1 and Volume 22.

FIRE AND WATER SENATOR LOSCH’S bill to dam the Delaware river, a sister bill to that of passed by the legislature of New Jersey last session, has been defeated on final passage in the Pennsylvania legislature by a majority of one vote; and it is possible that its advocates (at whose back is said to be the all-powerful Pennsylvania Railroad Company) may yet secure a reconsideration, and be able to have it passed. The bill was of a most vicious description, giving foreign corporations extraordinary powers and franchises, worth millions of dollars, without a cent of compensation, to the people, and inevitably would have brought trouble and, perhaps, disaster to Pennsylvania, whose citizens, especially those of Philadelphia, should be on the lookout for the coming to life again of this most pernicious water snake, which after all may be only scotched, not killed. TACOMA, Wash., is taking serious chances with…

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