Issue 1 and Volume 22.

A HAZARDOUS RISK. Genuine alarm has been caused in England ty the report of a special committee of the House of Commons on the imminent peril from fire to which the priceless artistic treasures in the South Kensington museum are exposed. The report sets forth that there are a number of old buildings, built of wood and lath and plaster, and in some instances covered with tarred felt, in close proximity to the modern permanent buildings which contain the bulk of these collections; and the danger has been aggravated by the erection of large temporary buildings constructed of pine framing, covered on the outside with iron, but lined internally with varnished match-boarding. The roofs of the galleries in which the Sheepshanks and Jones collections, the Chantrey bequest, the water-color gallery, and the Dyce and Forster collections are housed are constructed mainly of unsuitable timber, and are especially open to fire…

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